Kanye West's Time Has Come!!


I'M BLOGGING THIS BECAUSE I HAVE A HARDCORE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE DIGGING THROUGH OLD MAGAZINES (in order words, it's an experience i'd love to talk about, but i'm not articulate enough to make people understand how i feel.)

my favorite thing about old magazines - besides ripping up the pictures and gluing them onto something else, is being reminded of the time before you knew what you know. THE FADER mag was my first exposure to kanye west and it's interesting to read an old article to remember my introduction to a person before this thing called life transpires and changes your whole view of things.


Dani said...

I love old magazines. I have the back issues of Ebony back to 1988 in the attic. There's an art project involving vintage Jet covers in my future but I still have to figure out how to make it happ'n.

What's interesting about this article is that it notes that a big part of his success came from (pro)claiming his middle class lifestyle and rapping about it. It's precisely when he became the "international asshole" and started rapping about how much money he had and the women he could get that his entire audience changed and he got really tiresome, to me at least. But he's still rapping about his life... it's just that he's living a totally different life. I don't really know where I'm going with that, but it's something to ponder.

Anonymous said...

There is something definitely unique about going through older magazine issues! I keep almost all my fashion magazine's only because it is funny to see how often fashion repeats its self. Many times people forget about the past and at times need to be reminded that there are certain things that we done before. Not everything that is done today is original per say. Someone somewhere has made it happen before but we might just know how to make it better!!! It's all about the remix :)....