i [heart] texture

because my work tends to be instinctive,
i'm constantly trying to look at it
and understand what it tells me about myself.
since i started painting, i've noticed
i enjoy work that is process oriented.
that's what keeps me interested in the project-
seeing what its going to become as it goes along.
and in my photography i'm continuing to grow
in my love of texture. i think it's cool how
texture reveals a bit of process.
paint peeling off to reveal the multitude of times
it was already painted over. staples
in a light post that show flyers used to hang there.
billboards that are falling down only to reveal
other billboards that were posted before it.
it's really cool and kind of tells a story.
i really like a good story.

natural woman


does God stack things?

recently, i began (begun, beginded, whatever) a
photo project called STAKS capturing images
of things that are stacked. i started noticing that
humans tend to stack things and there are plenty
of stacks to photograph. but so far, i haven't
noticed any stacks in nature, which leads me to
wonder, does God stack things? please comment back and let me
know your observations.



hey!! i know that guy!!!

JON REINFURT - i used to sit next to this guy
in seventh grade [pick a] class. i thought his
stuff was awesome! in middle school he was
drawing a lot of comic book styled stuff and
sometimes selling his work to other students.
the stuff he does now is completely different
but no less awesome. i recently saw one of his
illustrations on a magazine cover in border's books.
check his page out (the pics are linked to it).


malib beat konducta poster

quite simply, this is the next thing i need to own.
cool photography, much in a style i want to produce.
and since it's only $8.50 even the recession can't hold me back.
and then maybe i'll send him one of my prints.
i wonder if MADLIB likes AphroWoman.
maybe he can make beats to my art and i can make art
listening to MADLIB beats.