The Procrastinat[E K]ing

SOMETHING I'M LEARNING: a sense of urgency is important and should be dictated by nothing other than the fact that time will always move forward.
urgency should not be dictated by deadlines or the actions of others. once it's decided that something needs to get done, then now is the best time to do it.

SOMETHING I HAVE ALREADY LEARNED: if you plan on doing it "later", you don't plan on doing it.


aphrowoman: ember

among other cool things, ember is an excellent dancer. she and i briefly linked up this morning and walked around the four blocks that comprise Uptown charlotte. i shot some pictures and we discussed some ideas to possibly collaborate on.

"hopin' that my seeds know a little more than i know..."

" the people who love you the most probably won't be "beautiful",
and the ones who most positively impact your life will probably be corny as hell."
-c. eliot cartwright


CHD:WCK! Photography: The early years

(click on image to enlarge)

before i moved to charlotte, nc, i was very on-again-off-again with my camera. i came across some images from my early shooting days (circa '04ish?) when i was still in new jersey.
i'm still really diggin' a lot of these. i would love to shoot with all these people again soon.

SIDENOTE: all of these people are incredibly creative and gifted. only one owned a business at the time we shot. now all but one (maybe all) are entrepenuers.



i overdosed on easy.
"But I'm alive on arrival.

Though i don't know why i chose [that route],
I guess that's the time when I'm not depressed...
...but i'm still depressed, and i ask what's it worth?
ready to give up so i seek the Old Earth
who explained WORKING HARD may help you maintain -
to learn to overcome the heartaches and pains..."
-inspecktah deck (at 22?)