He Changed The Game

Kanye and that Takashi Murakami are beasts.
This video is an inspiration to me as an artist.
I can't see this whole video not being conceptually fleshed out
before the release of the album, but the album art work
has random elements spattered throughout.

It would be so dope to release parts of a project as if
they were a whole just to later inform the masses that it is actually
a part of awesome series of works that fit together.
Then people could run around the world trying to link
up with people that have the other part of my artwork.
At the rate I'm going, my mother will simply have to find my
grandmother and one of my cousins to put the whole thing together.

and without any further ado...

Yo, Son!! Check This New Hotness!!

Battlecry video created by Develon Douglas of Vocal Visions.
I'm in it, it has some hot chicks, and a dope beat, so automatically it's hot!!
But then - ON TOP OF THAT - it has meaningful content!!
Can you believe it? If not... watch!!


Inside the Artist's Studio

I got to capture a few images of calligrapher, muralist, award-winning children’s book illustrator, and friend,
Catherine Courtlandt McElvane, working on one of a series of Kidrobot's Munny Vinyl toys - this one having sold
at Niche Market's Vinyl Toy Exhibition on Sept. 5. I personally love Munny's and anyone who has watched Catherine's workflow
would agree it is amazing. I have to get my hands on some of her work, as i believe she'll blow up like Takashi Murakami.


snaggin' shots

got a chance to do something i haven't done in ENTIRELY TOO LONG...
i got to shoot a photographer. awesome experience and i'm proud of the pics.
i need to do what i need to do more often. thanks jasiatic!

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oh SNAP!!!

i'm amazed at the power of focus.
i still often lack in focus,
but i've been amazed at how many people
i've recently been able to connect with - all of whom
are people whose work i've been paying attention to
or set my mind on in some manner or another.

my connections are really inspiring. and as i increase my
focus, i'm sure even more great things will come my way,
both in quantity and quality. AWESOME!