creative play... round two

fun in the shades...

creative play... round one

candace: human. woman. creative. beauty.
when people get it - then it can flow.
understanding makes it so much easier.
i thoroughly enjoyed shooting her.


pray for a NEW day...

i woke up today to count my blessings,
and prayed a prayer of thanks for today.
but it felt empty.
because today is not the day after yesterday.
today is not the day before tomorrow.
today is not ANOTHER day.
every today is a NEW day. ALL day.

what does one do with a BRAND NEW day?
perhaps take the things that i like from my old days and put them in my BRAND NEW day...
perhaps throw out all the rest of the old days...
perhaps treasure the NEW day and not let anyone play with it,
so as to mess it up?
it seems fitting to RENEW my relationship with the one who created this BRAND NEW day.
maybe with my BRAND NEW day, i'll start acting BRAND NEW!
maybe i should develop some BRAND NEW habits...
spend all day in my BRAND NEW day...
reach out for some BRAND NEW goals...

at the end of my BRAND NEW day, i'll count my BRAND NEW blessings.
and tomorrow, my prayer of thanks for the day won't feel so empty.


...capturing the process

recently, photographer Armando Bellmas asked to come into CHD:WCK! studios and capture me at work/play. i'll let Armando tell you the rest:

Inside the Artist Studio with Armando Bellmas