jersey boy

it snowed last night and into this morning in charlotte, nc.

i may be from new jersey, but i've always believed that any temperature below 50 degrees is unreasonably cold. however, my girlfriend khalilah was really enthused about the snow

and convinced me to get out for a walk in it. we took a walk down the street to sedgefield park for the first time since we've moved to this neighborhood, so that was cool. but while i had my camera around my neck, i focused keenly on keeping my hands in my pockets. i took them out only long enough to capture this.


CHD:WCK! in Africa

two things i must do this year are see THE ROOTS live in concert, and spend a month in Africa. i have no idea how i am going to make my Africa trip happen, but i decided to create a collage to keep my goal in front of me.


lesson learned # 43:

the reason you don't adjust your prices for people is because the people you adjust your prices for, won't buy your stuff anyway.


still kewl azhel

still kewl azhel, photographer and muse, e.lisha covington keeps me wanting to hone my craft as a photographer. her eye is incredible, and since she's never without her camera, she's always ready to capture the most interesting images.
a few days ago charlotte had freakishly gorgeous weather, so we went out and caught some shots of the qc, then we captured each other on the wrong side of the lens. check out her blog. it's required viewing.

start the new year off... right?

new years day seemed like a good day to wander around the neighborhood and see if there was some new beauty to capture. the expedition found moderate success.


comforting (...at least to me)

as i get older, lengthy periods of time seem to get shorter and shorter - months blow by like days, and years like a few months. but no matter how fast time may fly by, a day always feels like a day. each new day gives me ample time to accomplish what i'm supposed to accomplish that day.


hey my man... what it look like

one of my biggest problems in life is i tend to think TOO much. i always want to know what something is going to look like before i get into it. instead of jumping into the project, the fear that it won't look or end up "right" is paralyzing. at the end of the day when nothing new is done, and i have nothing to look back on as progress, i feel defeated, my energy drained, and my momentum lost.

one thing i'm learning and trying to embrace, is that the vision is enough. just the fact that something MOVES me to create is sufficient reason to jump into it. the net will appear. there's no need to ask myself, "hey my man... what it look like?" when i jump into it, the resources will become abundant. people will cooperate. and when the door opens, everything will come out just the way it should. the final product will be amazing.


growing... content with progress.

after a much needed conversation with Catherine, i realized i need to count my blessings before i craft what the new year will look like.
so here's my review...

JANUARY 09: i found that the path less traveled led me to find inspiration in texture

FEBRUARY: i came to the realization that sometimes you just have to do what you got to do. it doesn't take much to get where you want to go. just clean underwear, a few dollars, a bus pass, a camera, and a memory card. only good things can happen from there.

MARCH: i launched CHDWCK.com. not much more satisfying than having a place on the web where people can specifically go to see your work.

APRIL: i participated in my first group show: Gentrify Me - a show about community change and gentrification.

in regards to photography, i discoverd my interest in capturing people doing what they do best or enjoy doing most.

i took a trip back home to new jersey/new york and met some amazing artist, including liz marotti and nakeya brown.

MAY: i found an approach to portrait photography that i was comfortable with

JUNE: did an internship at Center Of The Earth Gallery through the summer. a HUGE learning experience. in my spare time, had some fun with my muse, jasiatic.

SEPTEMBER: i particpated in the show, Texture, Dreams, and Rustic Pinwheels with de'Angelo Dia'Bethune, Elisha Covington, and Shanthony Exum.

OCTOBER: i had more fun with jasiatic and shot in a supermarket

DECEMBER: i participated in the NoDaRioty All Arts Market, sold and traded tons of artwork

and i shot for Rheba James Baby Clothier

AphroWoman: Attributes got accepted to be part of the Lodi Projects' LETTERS Exhibition in Raleigh, NC in january.

i learned and accomplished quite in bit in '09. but i got A LOT of work to do in new year. thanks to everyone who has supported my growth. KEEP IT WRANGLER in 2010.