grinfactor part i: carlleena person

this past friday night i got to check out the work of Carlleena Person at the Arthouse on Cullman Street in NoDa. i love her simple yet explosive use of line and color. i already have some of her work in my home, and this show made me realize that i need more.

grinfactor part ii: featuring the art of michele hoffman and friends

some more images from the Grinfactor Gallery at NoDa's Arthouse on Cullman Street.


...in her own skin.

...In Her Own Skin is a celebration genuineness, variety, and beauty. I’m constantly in awe of the variety in which beauty is found. but i'm also intrigued by a lot of the insecurities surrounding the female form, though the source of insecurities are common (sagging breasts, cellulite, stretch marks, weight). I’m looking for female subjects to capture nude for a series I’m creating about beauty and female body image. I want everything - i'm not looking for “ideal”. I especially would like to capture full-figured women, very thin women, older women (40’s 50’s), women in their late 20’s/early 30’s with more than one child, young women (18 – 25), and a woman immediately (within a month) post pregnancy. I don’t have a photo studio, so most of the shoots will be on location (outside) though if that discourages anyone, I’m willing to try to find somewhere indoors to shoot. This project is not erotic. Final images will be flattering and edited - but "flaws" will not be retouched.

Below I’ve posted comments from a critique of the first shoot from the series.

“I knew you were going to have a completely unique approach to this series. I find the "human being just being" vibe expressed through the facial expressions and body language appealing. I love the shots conceptually, the purely playful body language, the irony. I'm left with a feeling that the overall set is expressing discovery and the fact that this discovery isn't based on any self awareness, the feeling of her comfort with her own form is even more apparent. “
–Develon Douglas, photographer

If this sounds interesting, please check out my online portfolio and contact me through the CONTACT tab on my website: