freakishly (well, for THIS winter anyway) warm february weather in the QC.
wandered around a bit. no... actually, i traveled with purpose, but since it was warm, i was a little more receptive to keeping my hands out of my pockets and on the shutter. got a few gems today.



love from the sun/beautiful round belly

a pleasure to shoot the lovely asha again. this time capturing the beauty of her body as it hosts an emerging life.


Common Empathy

i was honored to connect with Rodney of Common Empathy to create some visuals to accompany his clothing line. it was refreshing working with rodney, because while the t-shirts look great, he's more concerned with the messages spread through his clothing - not simply the aesthetic. Looking into it further, Common Empathy really about tee shirts. it's about sharing insights. the t-shirts are really just a tool to be able to reach a wider audience with beneficial and powerful messages.

for more info, check out:


the PURSUIT of happiness...

“sadness can be caused by a great many things, but YOU are the only human being on the planet who makes you UNHAPPY.” -c. eliot cartwright