AphroWoman: Native Tongues (extremely tentative title)

apparently this is still in progress... i'll say more about it when it's done.


this is not AphroWoman... but i made it. part of the PUNCH CLOCK PROMISE series. the series is based on lyrics in Lupe Fiasco's song, "Gold Watch": "Might not go to college/but my street smart polished.../Firm disbeliever in your punch clock promise."
i don't feel like typing right now, so i'll explain more when i post up the rest.


so inspired!!!

this picture so perfectly captures how i feel right now. i feel like i jumped to get the goodies on the table, and while on my first attempt i didn't actually make it - if i can just hold on a little longer, i'll be able to pull myself up and get the reward.

i participated in NoDaRioty, a local art market featuring all kinds of artist. i sold an AphroWoman piece that i wasn't really expecting would sell that night, but a couple walked in, saw it, and immediately responded to it. and though i didn't sell much photography (though i was able to grow my art collection with some trades), i got so much positive feedback on it! it feels strange to do something so personal and people like it - not only do they like it, but they are truly affected by it!

i put all of me in my art, but i don't give nearly enough time to creating. i can accomplish so much more! thank you mr. cat. your persistance is my inspiration this coming four day weekend!