can't wait (well, actually, i have to)

tomorrow night, i'm rollin' to nj/nyc!!
i haven't been back in 2 years,
i can't wait to be back in my natural habitat.
all i know is i have a way there, a way back,
plenty of memory cards and battery chargers,
enough clean underwear and something to read.
it's gonna be an interesting ten days. if anything
particularly noteworthy happens, i'll make sure to keep you posted.


AphroWoman: circa '91

there's this dude walking around charlotte in a weird mexican wrestling mask. i never see him bothering anybody, but that doesn't make him any less creepy. if you see him around try and take his picture. i want to create a post of sightings on my website. i'll give you photo credits and everything. it'll be cool.

behind the scenes: tomika elise

this is what it looks like when cool artists produce cool art work.
so don't say you've never seen it.

behind the scenes

yeah... so this is what it looks like when i'm in
the YMCA art studio working on art and stuff (so articulate).
these were two of the three pieces i submitted for the Gentrify Me
show. the big one was in progress, but that's been done for a while
now. i just built 10 18" x 27" boxes in preparation for the
"Mac Pro for My Big Bro" Campaign.


Gentrify Me (the morning after)

oh it went soooo well yesterday!

i love standing off at a distance and observing the response
to my work. i talked to a number of people and made a few connections.
people gave me awesome feedback. i overheard someone describe one of
my pieces as "brilliant"! one artist shared a thing or two i could improve.
in the end it's my work and the final decision as to what it looks like is all mine,
so what it's gonna be in the end is always
my final decision. but i appreciate suggestions and the ones i received last night
were very helpful, and i plan to put into practice.


Gentrify Me

Check me (and a host of other local artists) out April 3rd
at Dialect Gallery (3024-C North Davidson St, Charlotte, NC)
to see our perspectives on community decay and gentrification.