finding a better way...

just tryna be more creative and expressive aesthetically. i've been playing around with a series of collages. i love the ripping of paper and just cutting things out because i like them and them rearrange them to tell a personal story. i like these collages because they're not big and i tend not to overthink the process creating them.
this is another from my PUNCH CLOCK PROMISE series.


...more from daveed's imagination

i love this kid. his imagination knows know bounds.
unfortunately, my photos don't do his creativity justice,
but his blackberry with a sliding face made from a tic tac box
and some paper, is dopesauce!

daveed presents: CHD:WRLD!

the mini mcelvanes -nailah (age 13), daveed (age 11), and maia (age [4]6), are the coolest kids to ever grace the face of this earth!! you can't meet any one of these children and not have your mind blown. and really don't sleep on maia (the youngest) - she'll probably teach you some $#@! that'll change your life!!

and how fortunate am i?!?! they've adopted me as their big brother and target of their love and affection.
i felt i've been slackin' on my big brotherly duties and was missing my younger siblings, so tonight khalilah and i stopped over mama catherine's house and enjoyed a TACO NIGHT in our honor.

well, as i walked into the kids' room, i look around and am shocked to find that daveed has created CHD:WCK village - the innercity section of CHD:WRLD where you can find dinosaurs throwing helicopters into the CHD:WCK! houses (a dilipidated housing project), SUVS, cardboard homes, and billboards advertising CHDWCK.com. tears nearly came to my eyes!! how many of you have ever had a tiny village built in your honor? well i had to capture it. wanna see it? here it go!


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