a tributeto CHD:WCK - WTF?!?!?


...well, he WAS the greatest.

remember when CHD:WCK! was 20?

you know - before he started drinking beer.

before the go-tee and the shaved head.

back when he was in jersey and wasn't so old and homely looking.

before the plaid shorts.

before he got all artsy and $#@!.

you know - before he was CHD:WCK!

when he was just Chad.

THAT'S when CHD:WCK! rocked!!

before he died, CHD:WCK! sucked @$$.

too bad he died.

we'll miss him.

the thing i find ironic about this is, the period "when michael was cool" was when it was becoming apparent that he "wasn't". sometimes i think he was on some stuff too, but that's part of who he was. if he was normal he wouldn't have been a genius. his misfortunes are tragic, but you either like someone or you don't. you don't give them an uncomplimentary tribute.