confrontation (an over-analyzation?)...

today i realized i don't actually fear very many things.
but i do fear confrontation.
i don't fear change.
i fear INITIATING it.
i don't fear what's unfamiliar.
i fear APPROACHING it.

fear of confrontation is one BIG fear,
but it's only ONE fear to overcome.
baby steps...


lesson learned #65

"people expect to get paid for some banal job that anyone can do, but then expect that the products of talent come cheap." C. Eliot Cartwright


lesson learned #64

"people in costumes tend to arrive in character" - C. Eliot Cartwright

jasiatic. ...again.

this one is kinda old now (most of you have probably seen it), but i wanted to post it because it's the only jasiatic shoot i've done that i haven't blogged, and i wanted to have a link of the progression: