some incredible artwork i stumbled across by artist Robert Mars.

"I am determined to capture the independent aesthetic of the not-so-distant past that has been replaced by homogenized corporate culture and standardized cityscapes. Industrial design, graphic design, architecture, vintage neon and mid-century icons all render important roles in my work.

My paintings employ layers of color, subtly collaged printed matter from the 1950’s and 1960’s, and stark, black imagery. Remote, indistinct landscapes capture the once poetic, and now nearly lost highway strips of the American past. Formerly the promise of hope and prosperity; these icons are now a sign of desperation and ruin."


Supermarket Shooter

tryna up my street cred, i decided to go shoot in the supermarket GUERILLA style!! this is what i captured before i got kicked out. i'm so hardcore...

jessica is cool.


chillin wit' jae (part ii): throwin' $#@!

chillin' wit' jae (pt i of a possible iii)

some days when i have off work, i like to just drop in on jasiatic
and shoot the poo. she's cool 'cause she lets me hang out, kill a few minutes/hours and play with her kids. we talk about photography and a personal thing or two. she'll shoot me for her blog. i'll ask her for tea. she'll get up an make herself some and (i honestly believe) forget to make me some. she's a pretty busy woman, but she makes it look like fun.

k-pilla (at work and at play)

"...it's where you at"


my big brotherly duties

last night my little sister asked me to create a poster
for her seventh grade stundent counsel campaing.
i created this. it's simple - i know, but i hope it's way fresher
than the posters actual seventh graders created.