...in her own skin.

i think the human form is incredibly interesting, but i find the female form is especially beautiful. i often find myself in awe of how much variety there is to the feminine form and how it can still be beautiful. i see thin women, fat women, tall women, short women, black women, white women, indian women, spanish women, asian women, fit women with chiseled physiques,soft women with squishy parts, busty vuluptous round women, long lanky linear women, women with large butts, young women with firm bodies, older women with bodies that bear the celebratory marks of creating life,

mature women with the fine lines of living, breast that defy gravity, breasts that embrace it, red heads with pale faces and fiery freckles, dark smooth skin, women with straight flowing hair, women with thick bushy hair women with short curly hair, women with...

and while i appreciate the typical standards of beauty that we see in western society, very few women are beautiful in that way. i hope to see the day when everyone embraces the beauty that is theirs.

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