meet Netchem

in 2009 when i took a trip back home, i stopped at a show i heard about online of work by artist/photographer nakeya b. i had met nakeya online going to the show was my first time meeting her in person. also meeting nakeya for the first time was emerging artist and photographer netchem hairston. nakeya briefly introduced us, but through keeping up with nakeya i began keeping up with netchem. mutual respect for each others' photography as well as desire to grow as working artists, has built a very positive relationship between netchem and i. now when i go home to visit Jersey, i always try to go over to Brooklyn to connect with netchem. last time we got to roam around, build, and capture some images. (she was craving a soy cheeseburger, but when her favorite place was PACKED! she dragged me through three neighborhoods before we settled on a great burrito spot. lol)

there are certain activities that lend themselves to getting to know people better, and walking around and shooting with new people is definitely one of them. of the things that i love about netchem here are three.

1. she's a lot bigger person and personality than her small frame reveals.
2. like me, she loves to eat and not gain weight.
3. she's a soldier: she shared some negative experiences in her life, with no sense of bitterness or complaint. she wants to be better, and just keeps her eyes focused on being that.

and since i'm done talking, check out netchem for yourself.

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