Musing On Self

TRUTHS about self...

1. i am an "only child". while having two older brothers, i have never lived with them, which has shaped my experience in certain ways, namely...
     a. growing up, i didn't get whatever i wanted, but i was "SPOILED" in that i never had to fight for what was mine. i didn't have to contend with siblings for love, attention, food, toys, etc. (unfortunately, there was also no one to blame things on)
     b. this has given an impressive selfish streak (it has taken a lot of training to get me to immediately think about others when something comes to me. i am still a work in progress.)
     c. i can be very lazy about "gettin' up, gettin' out, and gettin' something". i'm not a natural "go-getter".

2. I can at times be insensitive. 
more often, i don't immediately express myself clearly. 
but i NEVER fix my lips to say something that i will have to apologize for later.
i strongly disbelieve in loading my words with intention to hurt. 

i do, however, aspire to be truthful. 
truth hurts.

3. I often miss the big picture, but i am endlessly fascinated with the nuances of things.
This strongly affects the way i capture imagery and create.

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